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Dumplin' by Julie Murphy

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

“Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.” ― Sir Francis Bacon

Hayley's Review: 4 stars. This book was adorable, and funny, and thought-provoking, and everything you could want in a #youngadult novel. It was recommended by a friend after I raved about 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before,' and I'm glad I gave it a chance! See, young adult reads aren't really my jam, but after reading #tatbilb, I really fell in love with sweet romances. (Don't lie, you're always rooting for them to happen in books, too!) What I loved about Dumplin' was the fact it was a body-positive book, while being realistic with how people are treated in high school. I didn't personally experience these types of behavior, but it doesn't mean it didn't exist. I was given a look into someone's life; someone who struggles with weight, body image, and body-shaming from others in their life - even her family members. It was a great reminder (to everyone) to be careful with their words and how they treat people. (If you have a teenage daughter, I'd gift her this book and encourage her to read it. You can read it together!)

What it's about!

Willowdean (Dumplin', a nickname given by her mother) Dickson is fat and she's not afraid to say it. She is confident in her own skin, (as she should be!) and has not really ever doubted herself. She works at a local fast food joint, and meets a hot boy from another school. He takes a liking to her, which she can't understand. (He doesn't leave red suckers in everyone's locker!) Is it possible to be beautiful and fat at the same time? Why would he like her? The doubts come flooding in. So ... Will decides to do something crazy; she signs up for the Miss Clover City beauty pageant, the one her mother won all those years ago (and hasn't let go of, *eyeroll*). She wants to prove she (and her group of friends who also don't fit the mold of the "typical" beauty queen) have just as much a chance of winning as any of the 'skinny' girls do. There is love, loss, and humor in this book; such a delightful read.


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